184 - My Own Treehouse

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My Own Treehouse present "184". The first single of their upcoming album "The First Particle was a Dreamer"


Forgive me home, I am on a runaway
I grew tired, I went far

I needed my whole world
Cause I kept all these colors from you
Cause you gave all your colors to me

You see, I was too close. A distorted mind
So I dropped the pages, erased the lines

After all, we live so many lives
As our bodies move in a stop end frame
How could I forget to love?

Oh, wear my clothes, wear my shoes
You’re me
Oh, I will grow my hair, I will cut my beard
I will be you

Oh, save yourself
Save yourself
Cause, cause this night is long
Cause, cause this night is long

Don’t look down
Don’t look down
Keep your eyes away

My green gets darker, as you're driving out
You’re me
You’re me

Directed by: Christos Ginis

Scenography: Stefi Pantavos

Dad: Pashalis Gkenios
Mom: Irini Zika
Child: Akylas Mihailides

Recorded by: Giannis Tavoularis @synenarecords419
Bass recording by: Haris Kanelopoulos @petrichor studio
Mix/Mastering by: Costas Verigas

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